As first time home buyers we had no clue where to even begin with the process of getting a mortgage. Leanne was incredible. She helped us every step of the way and explained the process as we went along.

With Leanne’s help we were able to receive a competitive rate. I would happily recommend Leanne to anyone looking to get a mortgage, especially first time home buyers.

Hanna Wilson and Alex Diaz

I would like to thank Leanne for all her hard work.  What started out as a routine mortgage application got complicated very rapidly.  Leanne persevered through all the complications and did so with a positive, knowledgeable and persistent attitude.  Thank you for the knowledge and the much needed chin up outlook.

Aurelle Law

Leanne’s customer service is absolutely amazing! Her diligent and hard work on my refinance made the whole process go so smoothly.  I would recommend Leanne to everyone! She is simply amazing!



Leanne Ursel is the perfect person to call when you want to investigate better mortgage rates.  Our family has known Leanne for almost 30 years and trust her wholeheartedly.   There would be no one else we would rather deal with and allow to handle our life savings.  We recently bought a third home and are now scrambling to make sure we have invested wisely with the best rates on mortgages.  Leanne was able to provide us with the information we needed to make a sound and smart decision, best of all she laid out all our options is a super timely manner.  I would highly recommend Leanne, she is trusting, knowledgable and always where’s a smile.

Sue Gordon, Kelowna BC